And, Positive Psychology?

So, I have a subject, and a name. Let’s make a start. I said I’d explain the link with positive psychology. Positive psychology is, essentially, the study of happiness and the ability to thrive throughout life; it’s about what makes life worth living. It’s about using all of our strengths, skills and knowledge to help us deal with life’s ups and downs. It’s not simply a recycled version of the power of positive thinking; it’s a science with published, peer reviewed papers on experiments that have proved the theory. It’s founded on the belief that people want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, and helps develop our personal resources to bounce back from adversity. PP first came into focus in my life about seven years ago when I was studying for my MSc in Business Psychology. Suddenly, I had a name for all the things I believed in about how to live life. And, it was super important during the next couple of years as I survived redundancy and losing my husband of 24 years. As you can imagine, this time saw many ups and downs (often more downs than ups) and I had to dig deep to draw on my resilience (as well as many friends, and of course, my family) to help me through. These are two fairly major examples of how positive psychology can help, but as I’ve found out more about it, and branched off into other areas such as NLP, neuro-psychology, Life Clubs™ and Happy Brain™, it’s become much more of a way of life. Over the coming blogs, I’ll write about other examples of how it’s helped in everyday life, as well as other musings on life of this Quaintrelle!

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